Swing & Tango Weekend Instructors

Josh McLaughlin & Emily Ernst

Portland, OR


In 2008, Josh and Emily started teaching together. They began working on routines, competing, DJing and judging in town as well as out of town. They enjoy German dancing at various Oktoberfest’s in the Northwest as well as dancing to various live swing bands around town. Josh and Emily have traveled to numerous places to teach Balboa, Lindy Hop and Charleston including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California and Germany and Australia.

They have a special love for Balboa. They are constantly pushing themselves to create new moves and styling variations during practice sessions, but also gather inspiration from great Balboa dancers from the past and present. They’ve taken first in Balboa at SF Bal Fest and Camp Balboa Seattle and just placed third in California at California Balboa Classic as well as received high placement in others. They look forward to traveling abroad and spreading their love of dance to the world!

Noah Brenner

Eugene, OR

Noah Brenner

Both in Noah’s dancing and teaching, the comfort of the connection, the expression of the music, and the freedom of creativity are of utmost importance. Technique is important, but only as a means to those ends.

Noah discovered Argentine tango in 2005 and immediately got hooked. In addition to the connection, creativity, and community it provided, it also greatly influenced his personal philosophy which he integrates into his teaching. Noah sees tango as a combination and refinement of completely natural elements already existing in each person: We walk, we are moved by music, and we communicate non-verbally.

Nika Jin & Mateo Palfreman

Eugene, OR

Photo by Drew Tronvig.

Nika and Mateo are both in their fourth year at the University of Oregon. Since discovering their passion for Lindy hop, they have traveled across the country to attend workshops and camps from world renowned teachers. Co-founders of UO Swing Night, they love spreading the joys of swing dancing to anyone who wants to learn.

Kelley Hungerford

Albany, OR

Kelley Weekend2

Kelley got her first taste of swing dancing in 2007 in Chicago, where she embraced social dance as a vehicle for inner and outer joy. Since then, she’s Lindy hopped and blues danced her way through cities such as Portland, Berlin, Boise, and, most recently, Corvallis. Kelley believes in the uplifting joy and powerful confidence social dancing can build and encourages others to explore playfulness, creativity, and self-expression through dance. She has been actively teaching Lindy hop with Phil Manijak since 2014 in Corvallis.

Lindsey Almarode

Corvallis, OR


Lindsey discovered swing and blues dancing while attending college in Corvallis. Since then, she has danced extensively, traveling to Lindy and blues exchanges up and down the west coast. In 2014, she started teaching and organizing for the Corvallis Swing Dance Society. She happiest when dancing, surrounded by friends in a steal circle or connecting with a new person. Dance, to her, is utmost a form of personal expression and connection with other people.