Corvallis Swing Weekend Instructors

The following post is an archive from a past event from 2016.

Josh McLaughlin & Emily Ernst

Portland, OR


Josh and Emily started teaching together in 2008. They began working on routines, competing, DJing and judging in Portland as well as out of town. They enjoy German dancing at various Oktoberfest’s in the Northwest as well as dancing to various live swing bands around town. Josh and Emily have traveled to numerous places to teach Balboa, Lindy Hop and Charleston including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Germany and Australia.

They have a special love for Balboa. They are constantly pushing themselves to create new moves and styling variations during practice sessions, but also gather inspiration from great Balboa dancers from the past and present. They’ve taken first in Balboa at SF Bal Fest and Camp Balboa Seattle and most recently placed third at the California Balboa Classic as well as received high placement in others. They look forward to traveling abroad and spreading their love of dance to the world!

Skip forward to 1:12 to watch Josh and Emily competing in the 2014 California Balboa Classic.

Check out their Facebook page: Learn to Swing with Josh & Emily.