Honorable citizen:

Thank you for your distinguished contributions to Corvallis. The Agency has been aware of your passion for swing dancing for some time now, and you have been chosen, from a pool of millions, to partake in a mission of unprecedented consequence.

A team of select agents is being assembled to infiltrate a group known only as “newcomers.”

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn the names and interests of “newcomers,” to dance with them and make them feel welcome in our community.

Your role is of greatest importance, and fraught with danger, so we have chosen the very best. For the safety of the general populace and the future of Corvallis, your role cannot be disclosed. Should you become compromised while in action, this conversation never took place.

By entering your information below, you are accepting this role, and will be contacted with instructions at a later date. God speed.