Swing class: Registration open for winter

Our premier lesson series is now open for registration! A winter 2013 session of Swing 171 is upon us.

Swing 171 is our intermediate class offering, crafted to take slightly experienced students to fully educated swing dancers in 10 weeks.

Our goal for the course is that by the end you will be ready, and very excited, for dancing at weekend events like the Portland Lindy Exchange, and the Corvallis Swing and Blues Weekend (25-27 January, 2013).

This is the heart of what we do at the Corvallis Swing Dance Society, and incredible fun. We’re inviting you to join us!


Note, the class is already half full, and the next class will be October 2013.

Upcoming dances

There are two dances before the end of the year:

In January, we are hosting a weekend event with OSU Blues

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